I’ve moved. Sorta.

I copied this blog in its entirety and moved it to www.avillageknitiot.wordpress.com because it made more sense.  And anyone who knows me knows how important it is for me to make sense.

See you there.

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Lace is my nemesis.


Lacy Sampler Scarf in Progress

I hate lace.  Correction.  I hate knitting lace.  So every year I try to do at least ONE lace project.  This year I’m attempting the Lacy Sampler Scarf using Tahki’s Superior yarn, which is a lovely blend of cashmere and silk, and very fine.  The pattern is free on their website.  I had some issues with it as at first I couldn’t make heads or tails of the process, and there are no charts.  After visiting Ravelry and reading others’ notes, I think I have it figured out.

So far I’ve  tinked a few rows, but then in the wee hours of the morning I had to frog about 8 rows.  I thanked myself over and over for pulling a life-line through every once in awhile.  At least I only had to go back to that and not start completely over, which I would have done had I not had it in.  So I’m on the second part of the sampler now, and while I’m not loving this particular lacework, I’ll keep working on it.

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My vacation sweater.

Before blocking

After blocking

I bought this sweater pattern and yarn at Stitches last August in Chicago.  The pattern is Sundrop Cropped Cardigan by Kirsten Hipsky. I didn’t figure I’d get to it too quickly as I usually have shop knitting to do.  So when we found ourselves on a four-day road trip to Arizona and a month away from the store this past winter, I decided that was the perfect time to take a stab at the sweater.  I got most of it done on the road, then finally finished it after we got home.  It originally had three-quarter length sleeves, but I decided I wanted them longer, so I picked up the stitches and did a 2×2 rib with a little flared cuff.  I also made it a good 8 inches longer than the pattern called for.  Plus I changed the button placket to garter stitch instead of ribbing.  All in all, I really like it.  I made it with Webs Valley Yarns, “Sheffield,” which is 70% merino, 15% silk, and 15% angora.  Totally yummy, even though I do find fibers floating everywhere!

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I miss my blog.

Words I couldn’t have said 20 years ago.  But it’s true.  I miss my blog.  I haven’t written in here in months and months.  And lots have happened over those months.  And years.  My store took up most of my time, then I got a divorce, and then my life changed dramatically when I was reunited with the very first love of my life.  Then things got really busy, and I just stopped blogging.

Sooooo…. maybe I’ll try again.  I have another one up, Cabbage Life, that I’ll post pics to and some knitting stuff, but I’ve had this one so long I hate to just let it go.

We’ll see.

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This is so funny.  I can’t believe it’s been this long since I posted on here.  Course, life has changed DRAMATICALLY for me since — what? — March of 2008?  Egad!  I’ve created and deleted numerous blog posts on other sites (Wix, for example, and Homestead), but gee, I feel like I have a real connection to this once seeings how it’s the oldest one I have and all.  I’ll have to go back through some of my posts and see what the heck all the fuss was about that I felt the need to write it down.

And then, hopefully, I’LL BE BACK!

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Seems like every new knitting project I start, I don’t get even a third of the way through it when I discover something wrong.  It’s either something wrong with the actual pattern, there’s possibly something wrong with my yarn choice, or my knitting is all wrong be it gauge, mistakes, whatever.  I’m amazed at how often I have to either tink (‘knit’ backwards) or even frog (completely ‘ribbit’ ribbit’ out).  Sometimes I have to start completely over four or five times!  And frankly, by the fourth or fifth time, I’m no longer enamored of my yarn choice and I’m pretty much ‘over’ the project.

So here I am, 8 days before Christmas, and this is what I’ve accomplished in the projects department:

  • Felted clogs for cousin; yet to be mailed.
  • Felted clogs as another gift for unnamed.
  • In-progress lace item that needs total concentration.
  • Entrelac socks already totally frogged twice.
  • Fringe on completed shawl — at least completed until I found a big, fat HOLE along the top edge where some stitch mysteriously jumped off my needles but didn’t make itself known for at least 8 rows and 5 days later.

The only reason the clogs got finished is because we had a workshop on them which caused me to HAVE to do them.  I’ll be amazed and surprised if the lacy item gets completed.  The socks will have to wait now.  As far as my shawl is concerned… well, all I can say is….“DEBYYYYYYYYYY!

Pictures to come of all these UFO’s.

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Looking out my French Doors.

Looking out my French Doors.

The dock.

The dock.

And so it’s time to leave my Fortress of Solitude.

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